Mainzer Rheinstrand

Mainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandRheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer Rheinstrand

What better activity to do on a hot summer day in Mainz than to hang out at the “Rheinstrand” and have a cocktail? Good mood, music, and people is all you need to have a perfect day at the “Rheinstrand”. Yea, this is what I’m dreaming about right now while sitting in the library all day long studying for the last exams of this summer. I can’t wait to go to my favorite place “Rheinstrand” again once I’m done with all my exams!


Explore Copenhagen on a Rainy Day

I captured the Copenhagen rainbow from last week on a picture. It has been ages since I last saw a rainbow! I had to take pictures ofΒ the rainbow for you even though it meant that I had to stand in the rain and get wet. The weather in Germany is just as bad at the moment but the difference is that I can’t see any rainbows here. It is just grey and dark and not as colorful as it was in Copenhagen. Anyways, now the second study period has begun for me. The worse the weather is, the better it is for me. At least I don’t have to look out of the window everyday and see sunshine and be all jealous of not eating ice cream outside.

Copenhagen RainbowCopenhagen Rainbow

Photography: Settings & perspectives

Summer Summer Summer

Here are more pictures from yesterday. Now I’m studying for the last exam this month and looking at these pictures makes me feel more motivated. Only one more week left and I’ll be released to enjoy hot summer days everyday. By the way these pictures were the results from my “photography crash course” from a friend. I was trying out new settings and perspectives. Comment if you like my pictures! I’m looking forward to some feedbacks. Have a nice evening guys πŸ™‚

Longboard & Fringes

Longboard & FringesLongboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Finges Longboard & Fringes

Yesterday’s outfit was a black cropped top from Bershka with high waisted jeans shorts and a kimono with fringes from Hollister. The weather was nice again after two weeks of rain and storms. I spent the whole day trying to study but I really couldn’t concentrate for long so I decided to take an evening off to enjoy the sun by the river. And by the way, I tried out skating on a longboard. I was a bit afraid to fall down but still, it was so fun. More about yesterday will be in my next post. Lynn πŸ™‚

Stintino Beach

Stintino Beach Stintino Beach Stintino Beach Stintino Beach

Blue clear water- Stintino Beach. I love beaches like that. A view of a small hill in the background and Stintino looks a little bit like Laguna Beach (United States). But it was very crowded there so it was nicer to check out the city and have a nice lunch in an Italian restaurant before coming back around 6pm. Will show you more pictures on my next post. ❀

Official master’s student

From now on I’m an official master’s student. Yayy! Yesterday was my first day at my new university. It was so exciting because everything was new to me. I was working as an intern since four months and I totally forgot how it was to be a student again. It will be my last two years of being a student and this time I will live like everyday is the last day of being a student haha. Actually I got used to work but you really don’t have much leisure time. Furthermore, you can dress however you like cause it means no business clothes anymore. Additionally, the summer is coming soon – perfect timing. Yesterday I could wear my new shorts from Bershka for the first time this year. I combined it with a top and a small bag. With that outfit I was ready to start my master’s degree. I wasn’t able to take pictures yesterday so therefore I took a selfie for you. Enjoy the sunny day!

Lynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// jeans shorts from Bershka// bag from Mango

Grey Maxi and MK


Maxi dress fromΒ H&M// Handbag fromΒ Michael Kors// sandals fromΒ Birkenstock

Last summer I went shopping in Frankfurt and I wore this beautiful grey maxi dress. I love maxi dresses because they always look elegant – especially when you combine this grey one with a Michael Kors bag. I usuallyΒ wear the sandals from Birkenstock to any outfit because they are so comfortable and fit to anything. Furthermore, they never go out of fashion. In Germany they are very popular. I know guys hate these ones, but girls… it is a MUST HAVE!