Longboard & Fringes

Longboard & FringesLongboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Finges Longboard & Fringes

Yesterday’s outfit was a black cropped top from Bershka with high waisted jeans shorts and a kimono with fringes from Hollister. The weather was nice again after two weeks of rain and storms. I spent the whole day trying to study but I really couldn’t concentrate for long so I decided to take an evening off to enjoy the sun by the river. And by the way, I tried out skating on a longboard. I was a bit afraid to fall down but still, it was so fun. More about yesterday will be in my next post. Lynn πŸ™‚

La Maddalena Archipel

La MaddalenaLa Maddalena La Maddalena La Maddalena La Maddalena

Here are the pictures from the cruise to the national park La Maddalena Archipel. With my white maxi dress I enjoyed the romantic cruise through the national park. I love this stylish and cute dress, especially because of the open back. It looks good and I neverΒ have to think about how to combine it. Actually I couldn’t wear it for long because after one hour on cruise we dived into the turquoise water. But of course it was three weeks ago. I miss the trip!

White and blue


top from abercrombie&fitch// skirt from forever21// cardigan from Hollister// bag from Mango// necklace from forever21// sneakers from adidas

Two weeks ago I’ve been to beautiful Barcelona and I didn’t post anything. Such a shame! But of course I have taken a lot of pictures. But out of hundreds of pictures, I only like these two from my first outfit in Barcelona. So typical, each time Tanja and me were on vacation, we made so much effort to take nice pictures.

Repost Outfit

lynnhoaIMG_3011 Kopie IMG_3012 Kopie IMG_2976 Kopie IMG_2667 Kopie IMG_2832 KopieLynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// cardigan from Hollister// similar leather jacketΒ here// jeans from Hollister// bag from Mango

This week is over soon. It was so exhausting for me because the first lectures at my new university started and in the same time I had to work. I hope you had a better week. But my internship is ending very soon. After that I will have plenty of time for myself again. It also means that I will have more time to focus on my blog.

This is a repost from last week’s outfit. Always when I don’t have to go to work, I try to wear jeans as often as I can otherwise they will get dusty. At the office I can only wear business outfits. I mean at the beginning it was cool but after a while it got boring. I combined my favorite cropped top from Abercrombie&Fitch with the Hollister jeans. The fancy cardigan gave the look a bit more individuality. I really like this laid-back but still cool outfit. To complete it, a leather jacket usually fits to anything. Have a great sunday!

Vintage in Saint-Tropez


jeans dress from New Yorker// crop top from Hollister// high heels from a local shop in New York City// watch from DKNY// lipstick fromΒ artdeco

These pictures were taken on the Southern France trip last summer. St. Tropez offers a lot of cool spots for photo shootings and I really like the light in the pictures.

Outfit: Once I went shopping in Hollister and I saw the combination of a crop top and a jeans overall. So I bought this crop top and remembered ‘Oh I still have a jeans dress which looks similar to the jeans overall from Hollister’. I bought this jeans dress when I was 16 in New Yorker and it still fits… okay, to be honest… it was hard to get out of this dress, so Tanja had to help me out of it… πŸ˜›

Make-Up: I just had my everyday Make-Up and I added my new lipstick fromΒ Artdeco. I used the color:Β 105- pure sanguine red.