Explore Copenhagen on a Rainy Day

I captured the Copenhagen rainbow from last week on a picture. It has been ages since I last saw a rainbow! I had to take pictures of the rainbow for you even though it meant that I had to stand in the rain and get wet. The weather in Germany is just as bad at the moment but the difference is that I can’t see any rainbows here. It is just grey and dark and not as colorful as it was in Copenhagen. Anyways, now the second study period has begun for me. The worse the weather is, the better it is for me. At least I don’t have to look out of the window everyday and see sunshine and be all jealous of not eating ice cream outside.

Copenhagen RainbowCopenhagen Rainbow


Copenhagen Cloud Print

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high neck sweatshirt with cloud print from asos HERE// leather jacket from Zara similar HERE// jeans from Zara similar HERE// sneakers from ADIDAS similar HERE
It is so cold and rainy in Copenhagen this week and at the same time it is boring just to stay home and stare out of the window and being depressed about the weather. I mean I’m not in Copenhagen everyday so I decided to go out yesterday even though it was raining as hell. I definitely didn’t regret to run through the rain and getting all wet just to find a spot to stay until it stopped raining. It was romantic somehow and I could even see a rainbow after years of not having seen one. Pictures will come in a later post. Finally, Tony took me to a Chinese restaurant where we spent the rest of the evening talking and enjoying the food. Yesterday’s outfit fitting to the Copenhagen lifestyle was sporty and cozy. I wore a high neck sweatshirt with cloud print combined with jeans, black leather jacket and white shoes. The color combination needs to be simple (black and white) since the sweatshirt has prints. I love my cozy cloud printed sweatshirt.

Download Inspiration

Download inspirationDownload inspiration
Download inspiration
Download inspiration
Download inspiration
Download inspiration
Download inspirationDownload inspiration
Download inspiration

T-Shirt from Bershka// skirt from Bershka// sneakers from adidas

Last friday I decided spontaneously to fly to Aalborg, Denmark. Tony used to study in this city and that’s why he knew all the good spots to visit. The weather was so nice during the weekend so we went to a park with his best friend to BBQ. I really liked the park and that’s why we came back to the park one day later. It’s a place where you can enjoy life, take a rest, do sports or download some inspiration. ‘Download Inspiration’ is the logo on my T-Shirt from Bershka which I combined with a simple grey skirt and white shoes. I love this look for a nice summer day at a beautiful park since it is simple, sporty but yet stylish. Today, I’m in Copenhagen and the weather is bad so I’m just staying home. But hopefully I can go out the next days and download some more inspiration from the scandinavian fashion in the capital of Denmark. Have a nice monday!

Casual Blue

1 2IMG_3245 IMG_32383 Kopie

shirt from forever21// jeans from asos// sneakers from Adidas// cardigan from H&M

Oh funny, I’m sitting here at the airport once again. While waiting for my flight to Barcelona in front of the gate A21, I’m trying to use the time to upload a new blog post. I think I have mentioned before that airports feel like second home to me haha. But it’s still my first time in Barcelona, can you believe it? Everyone has been to Barcelona at least once already but not me. So it’s time. I’m looking forward to report about Barcelona. The pictures above were taken in Copenhagen. In my last posts I just showed you what I’ve done and seen in the beautiful city. While it was sunny and warm in Germany, I had to wear jeans and shirt combined with a black cardigan which kept me warm. As for footwear I chose my new Stan Smith Adidas sneakers.

Be a proper tourist in Copenhagen Part 2

IMG_3144 IMG_3156IMG_3180 IMG_3179 IMG_3276 IMG_3288 IMG_3316IMG_3305

Each time I visit Copenhagen I see so many new things. Realizing that I write a lot about Copenhagen in my blog, I wanna be your Copenhagen tour guide once again. I’m a real fan of Scandinavia hihi. All my favorite fashion bloggers such as Kenzas or the sisters Alexandra and Tsutsumi are from Scandinavia.

Well, last week I spent one whole day in Copenhagen visiting the food market Torvehallerne, a wonderful botanic garden and the national museum. That was a proper and exhausting tourist program. After walking miles, I was looking forward to eat in the vietnamese restaurant Bonjour VietnamIt was just amazing!


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top from Bershka// jeans shorts from local shop in San Diego, United States// high heels from H&M

Tivoli is a wonderful amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen. I love this place since I am a romantic person. In the summer it is so nice there. You can walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers and small lakes or just sit on a bench eating ice cream. Tivoli is a great place to be for a trip to Copenhagen.