Mainzer Rheinstrand

Mainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandRheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer RheinstrandMainzer Rheinstrand

What better activity to do on a hot summer day in Mainz than to hang out at the “Rheinstrand” and have a cocktail? Good mood, music, and people is all you need to have a perfect day at the “Rheinstrand”. Yea, this is what I’m dreaming about right now while sitting in the library all day long studying for the last exams of this summer. I can’t wait to go to my favorite place “Rheinstrand” again once I’m done with all my exams!


Wrinkled navy green shirt

Navy green wrinkled shirt Navy green wrinkled shirt Navy green wrinkled shirtNavy green wrinkled shirtΒ Navy green wrinkled shirt Navy green wrinkled shirt

shirt from Bershka// shorts from H&M// shoes from a local shop in Mainz// necklace from Bershka

Finally I have time to go shopping again! I just bought this navy green shirt and the necklace from Bershka. There are two ways how to wear this shirt. Either you can wear it with a knot or without. I tried out to make a knot on my shirt but I didn’t like it so much. After opening the knot the shirt got wrinkled haha. Maybe it’s the new trend? – The navy green wrinkled shirt!

Longboard & Fringes

Longboard & FringesLongboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Fringes Longboard & Finges Longboard & Fringes

Yesterday’s outfit was a black cropped top from Bershka with high waisted jeans shorts and a kimono with fringes from Hollister. The weather was nice again after two weeks of rain and storms. I spent the whole day trying to study but I really couldn’t concentrate for long so I decided to take an evening off to enjoy the sun by the river. And by the way, I tried out skating on a longboard. I was a bit afraid to fall down but still, it was so fun. More about yesterday will be in my next post. Lynn πŸ™‚

Be a proper tourist in Alghero

Good morning! Guess what? Oh yea- here we go again with the “Be a proper tourist” posts, my favorite ones. In these posts I can write about all the beautiful places I’ve been to. As you know I am a passionate traveler, I wanna inspire you to go to all these beautiful places, too. And Alghero is definitely one of the cities on this earth you have to go to. But psst… it’s an insider tip. πŸ˜‰ All other cities on the island Sardinia are nice, too. But Alghero is a great place to stay if you love enjoying dinner with a sunset and a view of the beach and mountains. The city is on the western side of the island, it means you’ll have the best view of the sunset from there. Walking along the coast and watching the sun going down is the most romantic thing I can think of. Maybe it’s because I am a dreamer hihi. And you know what? The good newsΒ is that the flight to Alghero is so cheap. Don’t miss out Alghero. That would be a shame! Kisses :*

Be a proper tourist Be a proper tourist be a proper tourist be a proper tourist algheroAlghero Alghero Santorini Style

Alghero Sunset

Sardinia IMG_3475 Sardinia Alghero Sardinia

top from forver21// shorts from Bershka// bag from Mango

Oh no, it has been two weeks now since I’ve been to Sardinia. You know what I miss the most? The beautiful sunset on the west coast of Sardinia, Alghero. Exactly, proudly I can say it was the city I stayed at hehe. These pictures were taken before I went to the romantic sunset dinner.Β AΒ girly top with a simple white shorts and black wedges was the perfect outfit. Lately I used my bag from Mango a lot because it’s practical and still stylish. Not to forget, the golden tattoos are very In at the moment. You can see a lot of bloggers using them on Instagram. They are awesome, love em! :*

Black Maxi

IMG_7746IMG_7543 copIMG_7549IMG_7732IMG_7868 IMG_7811 IMG_7777 IMG_7658

leather jacket from Zara// dress from Bershka// bag from Calvin Klein

Hey guys! These pictures were from the last day in Barcelona. Tanja and I were relaxing by the habour and having some drinks and after that we had dinner. We found a place full of restaurants. The choice wasn’t easy, but we found a super cool italian restaurant to have our three course meal (last post). That day, I wore a black maxi dress which I combined with a leather jacket. I love my black dress since I can combine it in many ways. Sometimes I wear it with a jeans jacket, sometimes I just wear more jewelry to pimp it up and depending on which pair of shoe I am wearing, it can look elegant or more laid-back. Anyways, now I have to continue studying for my exams in two weeks. Hope at least you guys can enjoy your sunday! :*

White dress


dress from Bershka

I just bought this white dress last month before I went to Barcelona. Like always I try to keep it simple but elegant, so it is easier to pack the language before traveling somewhere. With a summer dress on vacation you can’t go wrong! You don’t have to think about how to combine it and it is still an eye catcher. Especially shoulder-free clothes are “In” at the moment. I really love to wear this dress when I go on vacation in southern countries. In Germany it might be too overdressedΒ to wear it during the day, but not for a night out. πŸ™‚

The W

4IMG_7065 IMG_7105 IMG_7111 IMG_7113 IMG_7115 IMG_7121IMG_7174 IMG_7175a

cropped top from Bershka// skirt from Bershka// cardigan from Abercrombie&Fitch// watch from DKNY

Hey sweethearts, I have so many pictures from my trip to Barcelona which I haven’t uploaded yet. School keeps me so busy. In two weeks I’m gonna take my exams and I’m getting so nervous. But I’m tired of studying and I think I really have to share my pictures from the Barcelona trip before I start posting the new pictures from the trip to Sardinia last weekend. Oh yeah, I travel way too much. Going on vacation three weeks before exams haha. The pictures were taken in front of The W hotel – a place where my favorite blogger, Kenza, has stayed at. You can see my favorite black cardigan from Abercrombie&Fitch combined with a simple grey skirt and a cropped top, both from Bershka. I miss my cardigan so much! Every time I look at the picture it reminds me of it and that I lost my cardigan in a bus on the way to school. Don’t ask me how it happened. I’m so sad… I definitely need toΒ buy the same one again.

Official master’s student

From now on I’m an official master’s student. Yayy! Yesterday was my first day at my new university. It was so exciting because everything was new to me. I was working as an intern since four months and I totally forgot how it was to be a student again. It will be my last two years of being a student and this time I will live like everyday is the last day of being a student haha. Actually I got used to work but you really don’t have much leisure time. Furthermore, you can dress however you like cause it means no business clothes anymore. Additionally, the summer is coming soon – perfect timing. Yesterday I could wear my new shorts from Bershka for the first time this year. I combined it with a top and a small bag. With that outfit I was ready to start my master’s degree. I wasn’t able to take pictures yesterday so therefore I took a selfie for you. Enjoy the sunny day!

Lynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// jeans shorts from Bershka// bag from Mango