Be a proper tourist in Alghero

Good morning! Guess what? Oh yea- here we go again with the “Be a proper tourist” posts, my favorite ones. In these posts I can write about all the beautiful places I’ve been to. As you know I am a passionate traveler, I wanna inspire you to go to all these beautiful places, too. And Alghero is definitely one of the cities on this earth you have to go to. But psst… it’s an insider tip. πŸ˜‰ All other cities on the island Sardinia are nice, too. But Alghero is a great place to stay if you love enjoying dinner with a sunset and a view of the beach and mountains. The city is on the western side of the island, it means you’ll have the best view of the sunset from there. Walking along the coast and watching the sun going down is the most romantic thing I can think of. Maybe it’s because I am a dreamer hihi. And you know what? The good newsΒ is that the flight to Alghero is so cheap. Don’t miss out Alghero. That would be a shame! Kisses :*

Be a proper tourist Be a proper tourist be a proper tourist be a proper tourist algheroAlghero Alghero Santorini Style


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