Sunset dinner in Alghero

imageimageimageimage image  image

Last weekend my boyfriend Tony and I went Sardinia. It was our first time on the Italian island. We stayed at a Hotel in Alghero. We decided to stay in that city instead of Cagliari, the capital of the island, because it was close to the airport. Our plan was to rent a car and do some road trips to other places on the island. My first thought about Alghero was that it must be pretty ugly because I have never heard of it before and couldn’t find nice pictures of Alghero on Google. So I was looking forward to get the car to drive to other beautiful places. But we didn’t have the car on our first day, so we couldn’t drive anywhere else besides staying in Alghero. Better than staying at the hotel and doing nothing, we went out for dinner and explored Alghero. Finally, Alghero turned out as a local but very beautiful place. There were not as many tourists as I was used to from other cities. The city was really romantic. Having a date there with my boyfriend was so nice and cozy. As you can see on the pictures, we had a great and exclusive dinner at an Italian restaurant with a wonderful view of the sunset and the beach. Both of us ordered Sardinian homemade pasta with seafood for which Sardinia is known for. I had an awesome first day in Sardinia.


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