Casual Blue

1 2IMG_3245 IMG_32383 Kopie

shirt from forever21// jeans from asos// sneakers from Adidas// cardigan from H&M

Oh funny, I’m sitting here at the airport once again. While waiting for my flight to Barcelona in front of the gate A21, I’m trying to use the time to upload a new blog post. I think I have mentioned before that airports feel like second home to me haha. But it’s still my first time in Barcelona, can you believe it? Everyone has been to Barcelona at least once already but not me. So it’s time. I’m looking forward to report about Barcelona. The pictures above were taken in Copenhagen. In my last posts I just showed you what I’ve done and seen in the beautiful city. While it was sunny and warm in Germany, I had to wear jeans and shirt combined with a black cardigan which kept me warm. As for footwear I chose my new Stan Smith Adidas sneakers.


Be a proper tourist in Copenhagen Part 2

IMG_3144 IMG_3156IMG_3180 IMG_3179 IMG_3276 IMG_3288 IMG_3316IMG_3305

Each time I visit Copenhagen I see so many new things. Realizing that I write a lot about Copenhagen in my blog, I wanna be your Copenhagen tour guide once again. I’m a real fan of Scandinavia hihi. All my favorite fashion bloggers such as Kenzas or the sisters Alexandra and Tsutsumi are from Scandinavia.

Well, last week I spent one whole day in Copenhagen visiting the food market Torvehallerne, a wonderful botanic garden and the national museum. That was a proper and exhausting tourist program. After walking miles, I was looking forward to eat in the vietnamese restaurant Bonjour VietnamIt was just amazing!

New Work City

105 6 7 811 jacket from ginatricot// cropped top from forever21// mom-jeans from asos// bag from Mango

Five months of internship are over. Every morning, from monday to friday, I walked through the Frankfurt airport to my working place which is placed in the modern New Work City. I just went back one last time to return the laptop. For that I don’t need to wear my business clothes anymore. Such a relief… Don’t get me wrong, business clothes are awesome. But I’m getting bored of that style when wearing them everyday. I wore my comfortable mom-jeans and my cropped top combined with a jacket in scandinavian style. When you are somewhere in Scandinavia you can see that this kind of jacket are sold everywhere.

ZARA day

IMG_2377IMG_2356IMG_2354IMG_2359IMG_2439  IMG_2482

pants, leather jacket and scarf from ZARA

Once again pictures from Copenhagen, my second home. I like the “alternative” side of the city. For that I tried to dress up more laid-back. I wore one of my favorite grey check pants combined with a leather jacket and big scarf. All my clothes were from ZARA. That’s why I called it my “ZARA day”.