Official master’s student

From now on I’m an official master’s student. Yayy! Yesterday was my first day at my new university. It was so exciting because everything was new to me. I was working as an intern since four months and I totally forgot how it was to be a student again. It will be my last two years of being a student and this time I will live like everyday is the last day of being a student haha. Actually I got used to work but you really don’t have much leisure time. Furthermore, you can dress however you like cause it means no business clothes anymore. Additionally, the summer is coming soon – perfect timing. Yesterday I could wear my new shorts from Bershka for the first time this year. I combined it with a top and a small bag. With that outfit I was ready to start my master’s degree. I wasn’t able to take pictures yesterday so therefore I took a selfie for you. Enjoy the sunny day!

Lynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// jeans shorts from Bershka// bag from Mango


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