Vintage in Saint-Tropez


jeans dress from New Yorker// crop top from Hollister// high heels from a local shop in New York City// watch from DKNY// lipstick fromΒ artdeco

These pictures were taken on the Southern France trip last summer. St. Tropez offers a lot of cool spots for photo shootings and I really like the light in the pictures.

Outfit: Once I went shopping in Hollister and I saw the combination of a crop top and a jeans overall. So I bought this crop top and remembered ‘Oh I still have a jeans dress which looks similar to the jeans overall from Hollister’. I bought this jeans dress when I was 16 in New Yorker and it still fits… okay, to be honest… it was hard to get out of this dress, so Tanja had to help me out of it… πŸ˜›

Make-Up: I just had my everyday Make-Up and I added my new lipstick fromΒ Artdeco. I used the color:Β 105- pure sanguine red.


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