What to do in Cannes by Night?

Cannes Cannes Cannes Cannes Cannes Cannes Cannes

Yesterday my friend and I explored beautiful Cannes by night. There are a few things to do and see in this city that I want to share with you. We took a long walk along the coast where you can  explore two different sceneries. The one side of Cannes is a bit dark with old buildings and there are only few restaurants. The other side reveals the opposite. One after another, hotel buildings stand next to each other and is more beautiful and glamorous than the one before it. Luxury cars such as Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Ferraris etc. make their way down the streets as if we were in a Fast and Furious movie . At the end of the day we ended up on a beautiful rooftop bar with an amazing view of Cannes. Unfortunately, we just spent one day in Cannes and didn’t have much time to do everything on my To-do-list but I recommend to hang out by the beach in the evening with your friends having a couple of drinks. This experience might become your best summer night! 😉


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