Cruise to St. Tropez

St. TropezSt. Tropez St. Tropez  St. TropezIce Tropez

jeans dress from New Yorker// crop top from Hollister

The ship in the background looks like the “Majesty of the seas”. It reminds me of the one  I cruised on from Miami to the Bahamas in january 2013. When I saw this ship in Cannes, memories popped up again and I became a bit emotional. I was lucky, that I still had time to take a picture with this ship.

Tanja and I planned to take the ferry to St. Tropez at 9:30am on the second day of our Southern France trip. But we came 5 minutes too late because of our perfect time management skills… NOT…and once again, so typical! Unbelievable, stuff like that always happens to us when we are together. There are so many similar stories like this which happened on our trip in the United States 2013. It would make you laugh so hard if you guys knew how clumsy we sometimes are. Maybe I’ll post something about my past experiences from that trip later.


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