I love Paris

Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris

I just found some more pictures from my last summer holiday.Oh beautiful Paris… how many times have I been there already. From time to time Paris gets more wonderful. Last summer I’ve been to France pretty often. First I traveled to Southern France and two months later I went to Paris. But there I visited a friend who I got to know in my semester abroad in the United States. Of course Tanja was with me, my travel buddy haha. It was her first time in Paris, so our host showed us his home town. I was surprised to see so much more of Paris than before. I thought to see all the important sights in Paris is enough but this city can offer so much more. Especially when a local person shows you the city. If you go to Paris some day, I recommend you not to focus to much on the sights but to discover hidden spots in Paris.


Repost Outfit

lynnhoaIMG_3011 Kopie IMG_3012 Kopie IMG_2976 Kopie IMG_2667 Kopie IMG_2832 KopieLynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// cardigan from Hollister// similar leather jacket here// jeans from Hollister// bag from Mango

This week is over soon. It was so exhausting for me because the first lectures at my new university started and in the same time I had to work. I hope you had a better week. But my internship is ending very soon. After that I will have plenty of time for myself again. It also means that I will have more time to focus on my blog.

This is a repost from last week’s outfit. Always when I don’t have to go to work, I try to wear jeans as often as I can otherwise they will get dusty. At the office I can only wear business outfits. I mean at the beginning it was cool but after a while it got boring. I combined my favorite cropped top from Abercrombie&Fitch with the Hollister jeans. The fancy cardigan gave the look a bit more individuality. I really like this laid-back but still cool outfit. To complete it, a leather jacket usually fits to anything. Have a great sunday!


Follow my blog with Bloglovin TivoliTivoli Tivoli  Tivoli  TivoliTivoli

top from Bershka// jeans shorts from local shop in San Diego, United States// high heels from H&M

Tivoli is a wonderful amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen. I love this place since I am a romantic person. In the summer it is so nice there. You can walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers and small lakes or just sit on a bench eating ice cream. Tivoli is a great place to be for a trip to Copenhagen.

Rich, richer, Monaco

Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco

I posted a lot about outfits I wore in Monaco and about the race track but I didn’t post anything about the city itself. Of course I have to show you beautiful Monaco, too. There are yachts, sports cars and rich people everywhere. When Tanja and me were in Monaco last summer, we were so jealous of the rich people sunbathing on their yachts while we were eating in the “cheapest” restaurant we could find in this area. With “cheap” I meant a small pizza which cost 15€. But Monaco is beautiful after all and it’s worth it to visit this place once.

Monaco: Formula One

Formula One Formula One What you can see on the pictures is the famous race track in Monaco which is called Circuit de Monaco. It is one of the tourist attractions you have to see. Tanja and I tried to follow a part of this track and at some parts we had the most beautiful view of the harbor with all the yachts. Every second car driving there was an expensive sports car. Real car lover should definitely go to Monaco.

Official master’s student

From now on I’m an official master’s student. Yayy! Yesterday was my first day at my new university. It was so exciting because everything was new to me. I was working as an intern since four months and I totally forgot how it was to be a student again. It will be my last two years of being a student and this time I will live like everyday is the last day of being a student haha. Actually I got used to work but you really don’t have much leisure time. Furthermore, you can dress however you like cause it means no business clothes anymore. Additionally, the summer is coming soon – perfect timing. Yesterday I could wear my new shorts from Bershka for the first time this year. I combined it with a top and a small bag. With that outfit I was ready to start my master’s degree. I wasn’t able to take pictures yesterday so therefore I took a selfie for you. Enjoy the sunny day!

Lynn Hoa

top from Abercrombie&Fitch// jeans shorts from Bershka// bag from Mango

Vintage in Saint-Tropez


jeans dress from New Yorker// crop top from Hollister// high heels from a local shop in New York City// watch from DKNY// lipstick from artdeco

These pictures were taken on the Southern France trip last summer. St. Tropez offers a lot of cool spots for photo shootings and I really like the light in the pictures.

Outfit: Once I went shopping in Hollister and I saw the combination of a crop top and a jeans overall. So I bought this crop top and remembered ‘Oh I still have a jeans dress which looks similar to the jeans overall from Hollister’. I bought this jeans dress when I was 16 in New Yorker and it still fits… okay, to be honest… it was hard to get out of this dress, so Tanja had to help me out of it… 😛

Make-Up: I just had my everyday Make-Up and I added my new lipstick from Artdeco. I used the color: 105- pure sanguine red.

Must do in St. Tropez: Drink an Ice Tropez

I’m looking forward to the summer. Looking at the pictures from my vacation in St. Tropez last year give me summer feelings. Whenever you are in Saint-Tropez you definitely have to try the Ice Tropez. A really fresh cocktail for hot summer days at the beach. Ice Tropez is a combination of Rosé wine with light flavors of peach and carbonated water. It’s like you can’t leave the Bahamas without drinking a Bahama Mama, right? So don’t miss it out!

St. Tropez St. Tropez

Cruise to St. Tropez

St. TropezSt. Tropez St. Tropez  St. TropezIce Tropez

jeans dress from New Yorker// crop top from Hollister

The ship in the background looks like the “Majesty of the seas”. It reminds me of the one  I cruised on from Miami to the Bahamas in january 2013. When I saw this ship in Cannes, memories popped up again and I became a bit emotional. I was lucky, that I still had time to take a picture with this ship.

Tanja and I planned to take the ferry to St. Tropez at 9:30am on the second day of our Southern France trip. But we came 5 minutes too late because of our perfect time management skills… NOT…and once again, so typical! Unbelievable, stuff like that always happens to us when we are together. There are so many similar stories like this which happened on our trip in the United States 2013. It would make you laugh so hard if you guys knew how clumsy we sometimes are. Maybe I’ll post something about my past experiences from that trip later.